I have been asked yesterday about what to do when another person close to us is stuck in a negative rut and doesn’t want to change? Well we have to have in mind that we cannot help other people if they don’t want to help themselves. We cannot think positive thoughts for them we cannot do the action steps required for them to get that job or get that health or feel better. We should also not “push” others to change or “grow” if that’s not their wish. It is not our duty to be anybody’s angel we are just human beings after all. We can only help ourselves by working on ourselves every single day and in that space serve as an inspiration to others to shine their light and become better version of themselves. And we can SUPPORT another person to change if they DECIDE that is what they want and they made a COMMITMENT and they are willing to do the work to change and grow. We can be like a crutch. But we cannot walk instead another person. They have to walk their own walk! #lifecoach #wordsofwisdom #lifeadvice