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So a couple of weeks ago I was accompanied to the last concert I will attend in 2017 and by far the best concert I have attended this year. It only took 5 years in the making and we got to meet the awesome and talented @amylee of @evanescenceofficial. Now storyline as much as I am a huge fan of them I would have never listened to them have my love of music or be as talented as a musician if it wasnt for my sister @goldengirl61287. I put all my love for music and other genres of music on her and if it wasnt for her I wouldnt have been the musician I am today from being rebellious on not playing a string instrument which ironically I do now to breaking out of her shadow at Merit and Blue Lake which I did in stunning fashion but I couldnt ask for a better person to have with me and enjoy an amazing performance with than my big sis I Love you Erica #music #family #synthesis #family #synthesis #music

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